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In today's rapidly digitalizing world, internet users frequently encounter long and complex web addresses (URLs). Such long URLs can cause problems in both sharing and user experience. At this point, link shortening services come into play and meet a practical need of the internet. In this article, we will examine what link shortening services are, how they work and what advantages they offer.

How to Create Short Links?

Link shortening is the process of converting a long and complex URL into a shorter and more user-friendly form. For example, changing a link like "https://www.site/blog-post" to a shorter link like "https://shortpals.online/abc123" makes the link easier to share and remember.

What is Url Shortener?

Link shortening services are typically offered as web-based tools or applications. Users go to the service where they want to shorten the long URL and paste the long link. The service then shortens this long link and presents the user with a shorter link. This short link can be shared anywhere.


How Do Link Shortening Services Work?

  • Long URL Retrieval

    The first step is to grab or paste the long URL that the user wants to shorten. The user has a resource that they want to eliminate unnecessary length and complexity when this long URL is shared.

  • Link Shortening Process

    The service shortens the long URL provided by the user. This process involves matching the long URL with a unique short URL. This matching usually contains random characters or numbers.

  • Creating a Short URL

    The service presents the short URL created as a result of the shortening process to the user. This short URL usually starts with the service's own domain or subdomain. For example, "https://shortpals.online/abc2".



Link shortening is the process of converting a long and complex URL into a shorter and more user-friendly form. This gives internet users the ability to share and communicate long URLs more effectively.

Link shortening services make long URLs more accessible and shareable. Short links appear cleaner and neater in written text, social media posts or other communication tools, making them more attractive to readers.

Link shortening services take the long URL and convert it into a shorter form. This conversion usually occurs with a short URL containing random characters or numbers. When the short URL is clicked, the service redirects the user to the actual long URL.

You can share short links on social media, text messages, emails, websites or other means of communication. Your posts will be more attractive because short links look cleaner and more organized than long URLs.

Short links can positively or negatively impact your SEO strategy. You can create SEO-friendly short links using short links and 301 redirects that target keywords. However, malicious use or spam links can negatively impact your SEO rankings.


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